Bright Sun Candles; All about our all-natural soy wax candles

Bright Sun Candles feature sustainable soy wax only, scents created from pure essential oils and natural, metal-free, cotton wicks. Order Bright Sun Candles

No artificial scents or colors are added to our candles because we know using only natural ingredients crafts a better candle.

Visit the About Soy Candles page for more information on the benefits of soy wax candles and burning tips.

Optimal conditions will provide these burn times for Bright Sun Candles:

~5 hours for tea lights

~12 hours for votives or 2 oz. tins

~18 hours for recycled essential oil bottles

~25 hours for 4 oz. tins

~50 hours for 8 oz. tins

~75 hours for recycled wine bottles

If you want to start living green at home, burning soy candles, instead of paraffin, is an easy way to start.

Why Soy?

  • Soy wax is derived from America- grown soybeans, a sustainable and domestic resource. Traditional candles are based on paraffin, a petroleum-based product.
  • Soy Candles burn slower and cooler (helping to better distribute fragrance) than paraffin candles.
  • Soy candles are non-toxic and less likely to trigger allergies.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, soy wax also clean up easily with soap and water.
  • Paraffin wax is a heavy hydrocarbon that comes from crude oil that is principally available from foreign sources.

Why Essential Oils?

  • Bright Sun Candles are made with essential oils, the pure "essence" of a plant. Essential oils have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits. An essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled (most frequently by steam or water) from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other elements of a plant.
  • Essential oils are not the same as perfume or fragrance oils. Where essential oils are derived from the true plants, perfume oils are artificially created fragrances or contain artificial substances and do not offer the therapeutic benefits that essential oils offer. See this article, What are Fragrance Oils, for more information on fragrance oils and why they are not used in aromatherapy.
Why No Color?
  • Bright Sun Candles are made without adding dye for color. Why? Simply because color additives are made from petroleum-based products or other artificial sources. We strive to make the most environmentally-friendly candles.

Candle Scents:


Amorous Mood; creates an intimate and seductive glow

Asian Spice; journey into the Far East

Basil Bunch; evokes gourmet recipes and dinner parties (discontiuned)

Bayberry Holiday; traditional holiday candle, dating to Colonial holidays

Calming Embrace; wrap yourself in tranquility and peace

Cedar Grove; strong, natural and fresh (discontiuned)

Cinnamon Spice; rich and spicy, like hot cider on a crisp autumn day

Citronella Shade; natural power vs. pests; perfect for your backyard, picnic or camping

Citrus Basket; a refreshing and tart basket of citrus fruits in a country pantry

Exotic Sandalwood; embark on a mysterious and seductive excursion (discontiuned)

French Garden; Lavender, basil and rosemary in a kitchen flower box

Ginger Root; spicy and earthy, reminds of dishes from far-off lands

Grapefruit Sunrise; refreshing, like a sun-warmed breakfast on the deck (discontiuned)



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Harvest Moon; spicy warmth for a crisp autumn evening

Lavender Fields; floral and soft as a meadow of wildflowers

Lemongrass Uplift; our most popular scent, it's fresh and rejuvenating

Pacific Mint; eucalyptus and mint combined across the ocean

Patchouli Vibe; powerful, natural and earthy; mellows the soul

Peppermint Stick; sweet, sticky and minty

Pine Needle; soft pine smell from nothern woods

Rosemary Hedge; reminds of quiet gardens and comforting meals

Rose Garden; romantic and pretty, like a perfectly kept flower garden

Sandalwood Grove; imagine walking through elegantly-scented groves

Unscented; brightens any occasion or mood

Vanilla Bean; delicate, floral aroma



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